Sign Up Online? Thank you! Here’s What’s Next

– Call (949) 305-5589 to verify your information with our staff.

– Browse the menu speaking with our Member Relationship Specialist to choose recreational or medical marijuana that meets your personal needs.

– Place your order and our professional, uniformed driver will be there shortly to obtain documentation and provide safe, high-quality marijuana or medicine.

The Marijuana Delivery Experience

Many of our new members ask us how a marijuana delivery works and what the process is going to be for them. Therefore, we created these simple marijuana delivery guidelines to set expectations and ensure legality, safety, and a great member experience.

– Minimum donation of $50 for delivery.

– Max delivery is 2 oz. per delivery (medical).

– Your valid Driver’s License and recommendation/card (if medical) will be verified prior to delivery.

– Your age will be verified prior to delivery.

– Addresses will be verified prior to delivery.

– You must have your and Driver’s License and/or Doctor’s recommendation ready when driver arrives.

– We DO NOT meet in the car and NO curbside deliveries.

– All deliveries must be made at a private residence, INSIDE your home away from public. We do not deliver to schools, parks, playgrounds, churches, sidewalks, hotels, motels or franchise businesses of any kind.

– Expect a courtesy call just prior to the delivery time. Delivery times are estimated times, so please plan accordingly.

– Delivery times may vary based on traffic and order volume.

– All new members need to read, fill out, and sign our membership agreement and authorization to transport forms on first delivery of marijuana.

– A photo or photocopy of your Driver’s License will be needed for your member file.

– Multiple missed deliveries and/or making the driver wait will result in termination of membership. If you are unable to be at your delivery location at the pre-determined time, please inform us by phone and your order will be pushed to the next available delivery time.

Marijuana Delivery Safety Guidelines

– We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. It is at our drivers’ discretion to complete a delivery or not.

– Please respect your delivery driver, your neighbors, and your community.

– Your cannabis product(s) is delivered in the quantity ordered. Drivers DO NOT carry excess marijuana so please order correctly.

– Marijuana or medicine is delivered directly to the member only. Friends or family may not receive marijuana ordered for another person.

– Order must be received in a safe location away from public. Please use discretion when receiving a delivery.

– Your delivery driver wears a discreetly marked uniform shirt and gladly accepts tips for good customer service.

– Abuse of the service or to our staff will result in denial of service and termination of membership.

We hope these guidelines help set your expectations and help you understand how marijuana delivery can be a safe, and great member experience. Thank you for your understanding and support.