What is Weedmaps Marijuana Directory?Weedmaps

Weedmaps.com is an online marijuana community and directory. The website and mobile applications allow medical marijuana patients to freely discuss and review local cannabis co-operatives, dispensaries, medical doctors and delivery services! The website is similar to Yelp or other local directories and contains a database with over 3,000 medical marijuana dispensaries and delivery services. Weedmaps.com is essentially a social networking and informational resource for medical marijuana patients and collective members. Weedmaps users can learn about delivery service guidelines, and find local services and rate them. Users can also discuss the controversial issue of medical marijuana and the legalization of marijuana in the US or other countries.. The news portion keeps registered users up to date on recent issues involving medical marijuana and the legalization of marijuana and cannabis. Weedmaps website and applications incorporate Google Maps so users can find directions without navigating away from Weedmaps. There are many pages of legal Orange County, CA dispensaries in the South OC region where legal California marijuana can be legally purchased. You can check them out and also find legal dispensaries for San Francisco here – legal San Francisco dispensaries.

Joining the Weedmaps Community

Weedmaps combines local dispensaries and delivery services reviews and social networking functionality to create an online community. The website includes a social forum, private messaging function, a job board, and Q&A from fellow patients and collective members. The community allows patients to leave reviews about their experience at dispensaries and delivery services and is the largest medical marijuana directory in the world. Weedmaps also participates in and hosts events connecting medical marijuana patients and recreational users in legal States with one another and promoting activism and safe access.

How to get Weedmaps on your Phone?

Weedmaps is also the most widely used and downloaded medical marijuana and legal marijuana mobile application in both Google and Apple’s Application Stores, providing services for both Android and iPhone users that are Los Angeles County legal marijuana customers on the Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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Weedmaps allows users to register and this enables a user to write reviews and participate in the social aspects of the website and other communication products. Signing up is easy and fast, please visit here to sign up today.