Have you ever wondered what is inside your medical marijuana and if it is actually safe to consume? Cannabis or marijuana has many ingredients.

Unless your medical marijuana is tested and certified by scientists at a real laboratory, you may be getting inflated THC and CBD levels, and worse yet potentially putting chemicals, and pesticides in your body. Always look for a tested label and the lab in which your cannabis was tested. Without the label and lab information you cannot be confident that you are consuming Cannabis Testing Laboratory.

PAPA GANJA tests and certifies all cannabis medicine so that our patients know what they are putting into their bodies and can trust that it is a valid laboratory test result. Scientific testing occurs at a local laboratory prior to any medicine being provided to patients.

Active Ingredient Testing Results

There are many different storage techniques, and PAPA GANJA employs the best storage for our patients ensuring the cannabis is not subject to any light, temperature controlled and perfectly monitored humidity.

Private Reserve OG Strong Cannabis

Private Reserve OG is considered very strong medicine and helps patients relieve pain, stress, and insomnia.

THC offers relief for neuropathic pain, stimulates appetite and reduces vomiting associated with chemotherapy. THC can be useful to reduce inflammation and also offers neuroprotective effects. Patients should note THC can induce psychoactive, or cerebral, effects as well. Too much THC can cause unease, anxiety and overall discomfort.

How the 23.91% THC is generated?
%= The Wt. %(weight percent) of the chemical that is present. If you have 1000mg of concentrate (or 1g) you have 239.1 mg of THC available via inhalation.

THCA is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. This is only available when consumed orally and the plant has not been heated before consumption.

CBD helps with pain & inflammation, is an anti-convulsant, anti-arthritic and neuroprotective agent that does not induce psychoactivity. CBD modulates the effects of THC to provide a non-psychoactive treatment alternative.

CBDA is a very potent anti-inflammatory agent. This is only available when consumed orally and the plant has not been heated before consumption.

CBG is a nonpsychoactive anti-inflammatory cannabinoid.

Pesticides Screens

All Papa Ganja’s medical marijuana goes through screening for over 30 different pesticides like Organophosphates, Organochlorines, and Avermectins.

Patients will only see this SAFE CANNABIS passing mark on our medicine which means NO pesticides were found.   Safe Certified

Patients will NEVER see this fail mark, because these medicines are never offered to members.  Pesticides fail mark

This information has not been evaluated by the F.D.A. nor in any clinical studies with cannabis. This is based on the best information we have today.