Although smoking marijuana does not carry the same dangers as smoking tobacco cigarettes, it takes one look at a used pipe to realize the risks. Vaporizing marijuana in Santa Monica or any other California city allows users to sidestep the dangers of combustion, and inhale clean cannabis vapor.

Disposable Vapor pen Vaporizing is the utmost known techniques of inhaling marijuana. It’s a method that allows the user to experience the full affects of cannabis, without putting themselves at risk from the dangers and toxins – namely carcinogenic tars and gases.

Since the substance being inhaled is vapor from oil or water, not smoke, there is little to no coughing. You can also erase all the extra equipment needed to smoke marijuana, like lighters, papers, filters, etc.

What is Marijuana Vaporizing?

Woman using DaVinci VaporizerVaporizing Marijuana involves breathing in steam or vapor, instead of smoke that comes from combustion. Once you’ve obtained legal cannabis from a licensed marijuana business, you can then utilize the vaporizer of your choice.

A cannabis vaporizer, most commonly known as a “Dry Herb Vaporizer” heats the plant material up to about 250 – 400 F. This then releases cannabinoids like THC and CBD from the plant which then evaporate and can be inhaled.

How does it work?

Volcano with MarijuanaHere is a good example on how vaporizers work. The worlds most popular vaporizing machine is the Volcano by Storz & Bickel. Ground marijuana is heated in the oven-like chamber. Warm air then rises through the chamber, activating and releasing the plants cannabinoids like THC and CBD, which then creates vapor. The vapor then moves into the top chamber, through the mouthpiece and into a balloon. Inside, the vapor then cools and is ready to be inhaled.

Common table-top vaporizers usually take anywhere from 30 seconds – 1 minute to heat up. Although, there are digital vaporizers that can heat the air instantly.

Vaporizing Devices and Machines

Vaporizers come in a wide variety of styles. Some are as basic as a wooden box, while others capture a form of elegancy. It is worth investing in a high end product to ensure safety and quality. Now a days, the most popular form of vaporization is using a portable vaporizer, over the traditional table-top vaporizing units.

Different types of Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are great for on the go or for discreet usage, but may not preform to the same potentials as a table-top machine. Depending on the device, most dry herb vaporizers can hold anywhere between 1 – 4 grams of ground cannabis. If using oil or concentrates, those can typically hold anywhere from a half gram to 1 gram of concentrated oil. Cartridges containing marijuana oil are placed or screwed onto vapor pens.

Most vaporizing units will provide you with detailed instructions of the process so you can assure you are using the most out of your vaporizer.

Other popular devices for portable cannabis dry herb vaporizing are the Pax 3 by Pax Labs, DaVinci, Phantom by CloudV, and the Firefly. Although dry herb vaporizers do a great job at dispensing cannabis vapor without smoke, they don’t do a great job at masking the smell. If the scent is something you are sensitive about, an oil vaporizer may be your best bet. They tend to produce little to no smell.

How to Vaporize the Marijuana?

Here are basic instructions on how to use a Dry Herb Marijuana Vaporizer. Again, it’s best to go over the users manual for the device you are using to ensure correct functionality. 
Loading Pax with ground marijuana

1. Fill the chamber with finely ground cannabis.

2. Make sure the chamber is tightly covered, this keeps air and substance form spilling out.

3. Turn the device on.

4. Set to desired temperature. You may want to check the instructions that come with your device to see what temperature you should set the vaporizer at.

5. When the temperature reaches the optimal heating point, you can now slowly inhale.

Remember: Inhale slowly. You are not smoking the air, but rather breathing it.


Vaporizing machines can range anywhere from $45 – $600. As with any appliance, it is best to consider the length of time you intend you use the product before you buy. Most products today will come with decent warranties that can extend the usage of your vaporizer. Obviously cheaper products will not have the lifespan that $600 will have. It’s best to stick to a price around $200 – $350 for a quality product.

Different types of Dry Herb VaporizersAsk as many questions as you can before you make the purchase. If shopping online, you should research the heck out of the products you have set your eyes on. Read all the reviews, the good and the bad. Knowing what people hate or love about the product will help you make the right decision, so you can use your vaporizer comfortably.

There are tons of channels on YouTube dedicated to vaporizers and cannabis products. Some give detailed information on the product and specs while others will demonstrate functionality and how to use the devices. The Vape Critic and Sneaky Pete Vaporizers are really great channels you can follow that will help you clarify any questions or confusion you may have on any device.

If shopping online is not your thing, then visiting one of your local smoke shops would be a good option. Most shop owners or employees would have already watched all the videos, read all the reviews, or even tested the product themselves to have enough knowledge to answer all your questions. Plus, you wont have to wait for the post man to deliver your vaporizer, since you can just grab it off the shelf and head straight home.

Scientific Studies about the Vaporizer usage

Studies about the usage of vaporizers have found that most if not all dangerous components were substantially reduced or eliminated. But these results do come with a grain of salt, as the tar concentration in vapor is still about 10 times higher than the concentration of THC. These concentrations are still better than the other methods of consumption, but nevertheless carry the risk of cancer and other problems.

It is safe to say that vapor produced by vaporizers is cleaner than the equivalent smoke produced by smoking. But it is important to remember that it does not reduce respiratory problems entirely. By the inhalation of smoke and vapors, coughing can still be triggered. Scientists believe that THC is responsible for that reaction. Many vaporizers and smoking systems try to address that problem by utilizing some kind of water filter or cooling system. But these systems may add moisture and reduce temperatures, but do not actually address the real culprit, the THC itself.


Vaporizing marijuana is a safer and healthier option for inhaling Indica or Sativa marijuana, be it for medicinal or recreational use. Many are skeptical about the high that can be achieved through a vaporizer. Because the vapor inhaled is composed entirely of the psychoactive part of marijuana, the high is immediate and powerful.

The high is often mistakenly compared to that achieved from ingesting marijuana. It should be noted that ingesting marijuana gives more of a body high, whilst vaporized marijuana gives a full body and head high. If you have a valid marijuana recommendation or are over the age of 21, give vaping a try using your local marijuana delivery service or by visiting a legal licensed shop near you.

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