Although smoking marijuana does not carry with it the same dangers as smoking cigarettes, it only takes one look at a used marijuana pipe to realize that there are still dangerous. Attempts to vaporize marijuana in Santa Monica or any other California city allows users to sidestep these dangers of combustion.

Vaporizing marijuana is one of the lesser-known techniques of inhaling marijuana. It is reported to be a method that allows the inhaler to experience the affects of marijuana without putting themselves at risk from the danger and toxins that accompany smoking marijuana – namely carcinogenic tars and gases.

Since the substance being inhaled is vapor from water, not smoke, there is little to no coughing associated with inhaling vaporized marijuana. You can also dispel with all the extra equipment needed to smoke marijuana, like lighters, papers, filters etc. if you simply vaporize weed.

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What is marijuana vaporizing?

Marijuana vaporization involves breathing in steam (vapor) instead of smoke once you’ve obtained legal marijuana from a licensed marijuana business. A marijuana vaporizer machine heats the drug up to about 350 – 400 F. This releases the psychoactive element (THC), which evaporate and can then be inhaled.

How does it work?

With a Volcano type model, marijuana bud vapor is heated in the lower chamber. The hot vapor rises through the filling chamber, taking with it the THC. The air moves into the top chamber and through the mouthpiece into the balloon. Inside the balloon the vapor cools quickly and should be inhaled as soon as the balloon fills to maximize the speed and effect of the THC.

Vaporizers usually take anywhere from about 30 seconds – 1 minute to heat the air, although there are digital vaporizers, which heat the air or CO2 cannabis oil instantly if you don’t like waiting.

Vaporizing machines

Vaporizers come in a wide range of styles. It is worth investing is a quality product to ensure safety and quality. Some of the most popular styles include volcano vaporizers, herbal vaporizers and portable vaporizers.
Most Vaporizers are able to hold about 1 – 5 grams of ground marijuana. That should be a sufficient amount to last 1 day.

The machines are built on much the same principle as Italian coffee machines. They comprise a lower chamber, filling chamber, upper chamber, mouthpiece, and balloon.

Flavors can be added to the ground marijuana in the filling chamber to improve the taste of the air. Like marijuana edibles, some flavors that are known to be successful are mint, coffee, and cinnamon.

Some machines also provide you with details of the process so you can check you are making the most of your vaporizer.

How to Vaporize

1. Pack the filling chamber loosely with about 5 grams finely ground marijuana.

2. Make sure the chambers are all tightly screwed together.

3. Turn the vaporizer on. Check the instructions that come with your vaporizer to see what temperature you should set the vaporizer at.

4. When the temperature reaches the vaporization point, inhale slowly. For Volcano users, attach the mouthpiece and balloon and continue.

5. Wait for the hot air to transfer into the balloon. You will notice the balloon swelling as the air enters it.

6. When the balloon is sufficiently pumped, detach the balloon and inhale the smoke.

7. Inhale slowly, remember you are not smoking the air, but rather breathing it.

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Vaporizing machines can range from $45 – $600. As with any appliance, it is best to consider the length of time you intend you use the product before you buy. Obviously cheaper products will not have the lifespan that $600 will have. Also, the most expensive machines just look better than cheaper machines. It’s best to stick to a price around $200 – $350 for a quality product.


It is crucial not to heat the marijuana above 390 F, as the substance combusts at this point and burns.

Make sure to finely grind the bud. If the bud is finely ground the marijuana will be able to let more hot air pass into the filling chamber.

Do not overfill the chamber but do pack it well and snugly.

Scientific Studies about the Vaporizer usage

Many studies about the usage of vaporizers for the consumption of marijuana have found that most if not all dangerous components were substantially reduced or even eliminated. But these results do come with a grain of salt as the tar concentration in the vapor is still about 10 times higher than the concentration of THC. These concentrations are still better than in any of the other methods of consumption but nevertheless carry the risk of cancer and other problems.

In general it is safe to say that the smoke or vapors produced by vaporizers are cleaner than the equivalent smoke produced by smoking. But it is important to remember that it does not reduce the respiratory problems entirely. Extreme and powerful coughing can be triggered by the inhalation of smoke as well as vapors. Scientists believe that the THC is responsible for that reaction. Many vaporizers and smoking systems try to address that problem by utilizing some kind of water filter or cooling system. But these systems simply add moisture to the mix and reduce the temperature but do not actually address the real culprit, then THC itself.


Vaporizers are often confused with water pipes, but water pipes don’t make a significant difference in harmful toxin reduction. Vaporizers are a safe and healthier option for inhaling Indica or Sativa marijuana, be it for medicinal or recreational use.

Many are skeptical about the high that can be achieved through a vaporizer. However, because the vapor inhaled is composed entirely of the psychoactive part of the marijuana the high is immediate and powerful.

The high is often mistakenly compared to that achieved from ingesting marijuana. But it should be noted that ingesting marijuana gives more of a body high, whilst vaporized marijuana gives a full body and brain high. If you have a valid marijuana recommendation or are over the age of 21, give vaping a try using your local marijuana delivery service.

South Orange County Marijuana Delivery