Get a Fast Medical Marijuana Recommendation – Still Needed in 2017

In 2017, although marijuana was legalized in California, you still need a medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed Doctor before you can legally purchase cannabis or marijuana. Important note: It IS also legal to have marijuana in your possession but you cannot buy cannabis or marijuana recreationally in California until at least January 2018. January 2018 is the current goal of the Bureau of Cannabis Regulation to start issuing recreational licenses that will sell cannabis and marijuana legally. Again, you can only buy marijuana for medical use with a doctor’s recommendation until at least January 2018. If you are buying from a delivery or dispensary and they do not ask you to provide a recommendation and verify it, they and YOU are breaking the law.

How to Get Your Online $49 Doctor’s Recommendation and Marijuana

As with anything marijuana today, it is still anxious and stressful to jump in and speak to a California doctor about marijuana. It may feel uncomfortable and confusing, but the process is very simple and meant to help you live a better life. Here are the 7 simple steps to getting a marijuana recommendation and your first legal delivery of marijuana.

Step 1: Review the WebMD marijuana treatment uses and match them to your concern

Step 2: Visit HelloMD, and create an account using Papa Ganja’s $49 special price. The best deal online!

Step 3: Purchase a $49 Doctor’s evaluation for a marijuana recommendation.

Step 4: In minutes, Skype video conference with a licensed Physician and discuss your symptoms that marijuana may help you with. Answer questions and share your situation. Remember, these are real Doctors.

Step 5: Complete your HelloMD session and receive your digital California marijuana recommendation.

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Difference Between a Medical Marijuana Card and California Medical Marijuana Recommendation

California legalized medical marijuana through Prop 215 in 1996, yes over 20 years ago! Since then, doctors have been able to “recommend” marijuana to patients to treat their symptoms. It’s called a California medical marijuana recommendation because doctors cannot legally “prescribe” marijuana as long as it’s illegal under federal law. Currently, marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug and remains illegal at the Federal level. However, the Federal government has stated that medical marijuana is a States issue and has promised to allow States to set their own path here.

Once you have a doctor’s consent via a California medical marijuana recommendation, you can also register with the state of California and receive a medical marijuana card. This is not necessary to get legal marijuana for medical purposes in California. In Orange County and all of California, medical marijuana delivery services and walk-in dispensaries will accept your recommendation in written letter format signed by a licensed Doctor. Your California medical marijuana recommendation will be printed on an dated letter size paper and identifies you by name, patient ID #, expiration date, a doctor’s signature, embossed seal, and a way to certify its authenticity either online by a verification service or by phone.

Your California Medical Marijuana Evaluation Session

If you choose the most convenient and simple path most Papa Ganja members select, you’ll be getting your California medical marijuana card online with HelloMD using the Papa Discount of $49. Here is how that Doctor’s session will go.

You’ll need internet access, and a webcam or you can use your phone camera videoconference via Skype. You’ll complete a standard medical form just like a regular doctor’s visit. You can upload and share any medical documents related to your health, specifically if they are related to medical marijuana. Relax, HIPAA law protects your information and everything is completely private with NO public record or database.

HelloMD licensed doctor California medical marijuana evaluation lasts minutes and includes a professional discussion about your symptoms and conditions, and medical history. You will honestly discuss with the Doctor how marijuana may help your symptoms and improve your life. Again, this is all private so be honest and relax.

If the licensed Doctor approves and “recommends” marijuana, you’ll immediately receive a digital PDF California medical marijuana recommendation by email and online in your HelloMD account. You can use your new California medical marijuana recommendation immediately. In a few days, HelloMD will send your medical marijuana recommendation official paper letter in the mail. The official printed recommendation includes an embossed seal and is signed by the licensed Doctor on HelloMD.

Frequently Asked Questions about a California Marijuana

Will I need to renew my California medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation?
Yes, recommendations must be renewed each year. But again, after January 2018, recreational marijuana will be available for purchase and you can choose to go that route instead, or continue to renew your California medical marijuana recommendation with HelloMD and purchase medical marijuana.

What is required to receive a medical marijuana recommendation?
You’ll need U.S. identification, preferably CA License and a condition or symptom that marijuana can treat.

Can I receive a California medical marijuana recommendation without a CA Driver’s License?
There is nothing in the California medical marijuana law that declares you need to be a resident of California to qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation in California. You can use any form of U.S. identification with HelloMD.

Will my health insurance pay or co-pay for a California medical marijuana recommendation?
No, insurance companies follow Federal law and marijuana is still illegal federally.

How much marijuana can I have in my possession or grow at my house with a medical marijuana recommendation?
A: Senate Bill 420 (SB420) declares that you can grow up to six mature cannabis plants for personal consumption. However, recently CA Supreme Court ruled that a person with a valid medical marijuana recommendation can grow any number of plants to meet their medical requirements.

Ready to Receive Your California Medical Marijuana Recommendation?

You are not alone. Currently, nearly 2 million California’s have a valid California medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation. It’s an efficient and simple way to test whether marijuana is right for you. Here is a special offer from Papa Ganja so you can get your California medical marijuana recommendation right now.

Finally, you can also get a doctor’s recommendation by asking your primary physician, but why leave your home? With HelloMD and Papa Ganja, you’ll be able to receive a legal California medical marijuana recommendation and treat your symptoms within a couple hours. So, you’ve heard about it, seen it on TV, why not try to improve your life today with marijuana for only $49.

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